Friday, 18 January 2013

From one Blogger to the next...

Hey Loves,

So I was nominated for a liebster award by the gorgeous Ceri from Curvy Guru Ceri (thanks lovely!!!)

The aim of this post is to: -

- Write 11 random facts about yourself
- answer all 11 questions, linking the post back to the doll that nominated you. 
-  Then nominate 11 other bloggers and create a fresh set of questions for them to answer! lol...(11 questions to be exact!)

So lets get started!

11 Random facts about meeee...
1. Everyone and their cat calls me Cherri - I very rarely hear my real name nowadays
2. I love Pink. As big as I am I still love it.
3. I will watch any film starring Leonardo Dicaprio/Johnny Depp/Denzel Washington/Jamie Foxx and my all time fave Christian Bale.
4. I am addicted to the following films and watch them over and over - Breakfast At Tiffanys, Boomerang, Coming to America, Gone with the Wind, Juice, Poetic Justice, and The Notebook...(to name a few LOL)
5. I HATE spiders. Wanna see me act a fool? Show me a spider. Pmsl.
6. I am addicted to hair dye - currently rocking "Candy Floss" and "Pinkissimo" 
7. I adore Amber Rose - and luckily have had the pleasure of meeting her twice, and being invited to party with her in London.
8. HUGE JayZ fan!
9. I HATE spicy food. No Jerk Chicken for ME! LOL.
10. I love Piercings! - currently on #19
11. I wanted my nose pierced from the age of 8 - was told I could have it at 18 and was taken to get it after years of pestering at the age of 13 - looool - result!

Questions I was asked and my answers: -

What is one beauty item you can not live without?
1. Clean & Clear Cleansing Lotion!!! 

2. SuperTed or Spotty?
Am I blonde that I don't know what these two are referring too? Looool.

3. Pop or Hip Hop?
Hip Hop fo' sho!!! - I may be a girly girl but I believe JayZ is my long lost Uncle!

4. Who is your favourite blogger of all time and why?

My fave blogger of all time (well ever since she found me and I clicked her link has to be Izzie from Hola-Bambi - she's my long lost twin I swear!!!!) lol. We're so alike it's scary!

5. Whats the funniest thing anybody ever said to you?

Am I wearing coloured contacts! Pahahahaha - do people really do this still in 2013?

6. Have you ever done a tiny wee laughing so hard?

Ewwww! no - thankfully!

7. Dogs or Cats?

8. A Holiday in Bora Bora or Newyork City?

"In Newwwww Yorrrrrrkkkkk,,,," (throws up the ROC) LOL. - I LOVE NY!

9. Favourite character in Playdays?

Can't remember em!

10. Rosie or Jim?
noneee! Hated the show!

11. Shoes or Handbags?

11. Aaaahhh - can't choose. Today it'll be Handbags.


@HolaBambi - hola-bambi
@LolosKloset - Lolos Kloset 
@DoYouNoah - DoYouNoah 
Abbie - Fashion Tatt
@MaddieDean_x - Maddie-Elizabeth
@ShereeMilli - Glitz n Grime 
@SolidFreshDope - MeinMode
@MissRemmy - ColourMiBeautiful 
@ReddLikeVelvet - JojoBalfourth 
@Lulutrixabelle - Lulutrixabelle 

1. Favorite Fashion Store?
2. Favorite Lipstick?
3. Topshop or H&M?
4. Favorite Perfume?
5. Shoes or Trainers?
6. Nandos or Wagamama?
7. Current Fave fashion item?
8. High Street or Designer?
9. Favorite makeup item?
10. Favorite Music Genre?
11. What's your best feature?

Really enjoyed doing this post - thanks Ceri!!!!
Hope you enjoy doing it too ladies and enjoy reading the other ladies answers! 
Much Love,





  1. Congrats on getting a blog award hun! I love reading the questions/answers - they're like mini "get to know me" posts :D

    I'm not too bad with spiders - but wasps and bees I will literally scream and run in the opposite direction!

    Sarah @ xx

    1. Thank u babe....aaaahhhh totes forgot to add you to the list...gonna add u later but pls do the post - was doin the names off the top of my head *blonde* lol.
      I will die if a spiders near me pmsl xxx


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